Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bendable doll - what every girl wants

The next generation of women is in good hands. There is a toy on the market to make sure that they learn the essential skills every woman needs.

I refer to this bendable doll. My friend saw it and thought of me (and my daughter), so she sent me this photo.  

You can bend the doll whichever way you want her (that's the best way with women). And I bet if she bends over in that top you'll catch a nice bit of cleavage. 

But the best bit about Bendable Doll is her accessories. she comes complete with a range of cleaning tools, such as bucket and broom, and also hair accessories. 

Women's main interests in life of course are cleaning and making themselves pretty. Usually for a man. 

Hair, beauty and housework - that's what it's all about. 

'It's a girl thing' proclaims the packaging. Just in case you weren't clear. And in the top left corner they include the gender symbol for female, but adapted into a heart shape, because a circle just wouldn't be girly enough.

Pass me the Lego

I want to say "let's all go back to Lego". A beautiful, intelligent, simple toy that boys and girls can enjoy without resorting to stereotypes.

But then I did a quick search.Typing 'Lego for girls' was asking for trouble. 

The Disney and Friends range comes in pink or purple, of course, because girls wouldn't like it otherwise. Did I mention that I HATE THE COLOUR PINK?

Incidentally, if you search Lego for boys it's just as bad - all Star Wars and Super Heroes. 


The serious point behind these revolting toys is that the next generation of adults are being brainwashed into stereotyped gender roles, with girls nudged towards homely domestic pursuits and boys expected to be macho and intrepid.

How can we expect girls to grow up believing they are equal to boys when they are directed towards toys that teach them only about cleaning and making themselves look pretty. 

And how can we expect boys to see the girls as equal to themselves when they are taught that these strange creatures are only interested in strutting about in pink like princesses?

In 2015 why are we still stereotyping in these ways? Can't children just be children, and toys be toys?

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