Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Is that Samantha Cameron?

No. This is a different woman in bikini (in case
you needed to know what one looked like).
This weekend I was queuing to pay for my petrol and Sunday newspaper when one of the other titles caught my eye. On the front page was the figure of an elegant bikini-clad woman

'Is that Samantha Cameron', I thought? And moved a little closer (thus playing into the hands of the evil peddlers of this kind of drivel). Yes it bloody well is.

The wife of our prime minister wearing basically bra and pants was plastered across the front cover of the Mail on Sunday.

Looking lovely

SamCam, as they insist on calling her, looks very nice in a bikini. And the comments in the caption were very complimentary. But that's not the point.

I'm guessing she wasn't willingly photographed. She's not looking at the camera and doesn't look like she knows she's being snapped.
A woman wearing clothes. She happens to
be married to the Prime Minister.
Her unvarnished fingernails are hidden in shame. 

I haven't reproduced the picture here because it would be wrong on several levels (including copyright theft). Instead, here's a nice (legal) picture of Mrs C with her clothes on.

Women in the public eye

I also read that during the recent election campaign Samantha Cameron was criticised for going out without painting her toenails. OMG.

Celebrity women have an especially tough time. They are expected to come up to much higher standards than their male counterparts of behaviour, dress and even the size and shape of their bodies.

It's particularly unfair on women who are only famous by association.

I've not heard that Mrs Cameron has objected to the photo. She's probably so weary of this whole thing, she can't be bothered to complain anymore.

But it's disrespectful, that this woman who is in the public eye because of her husband's job, should have to put up with appearing scantily clad on countless newsstands and breakfast tables across the realm.

Exposing women's bodies without their consent is unpleasant, unnecessary and intrusive. And 'woman wears bikini on holiday' is definitely not news.

* I've been told on two separate occasions that I'm a dead ringer for Samantha. This is totally ridiculous. We just both have brown hair. Get over it.

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